Spiritual Poetry


“OM Sound creates Rhythm of AUM…..
Thousands of lotus are around you
cosmos energy thou your vibration,
GURU You and AUM,as one, the painter.
The depth of your soul knows no bounds.
Your smile begets beginningless peace,
Shiva is you, shakti is you past is you future is you,
you are in my energy,
thou your grace my spirituality has come alive
you are the source of my live
silently silently I am walking around as you are unfolding every mystery,
through the rosary of Rudraksha I lost all ego,GURU you are AUM,In every smile; in every
breath from beginning to beginning
You are always present

All I have

All I have given
Wine of love
I have drunk
All my Love
I offer all my life I have to give
And all my days I want to live
With you, in your divine grace
my all thoughts Only for you
The birth of lover
The prayer of sacred soul

Pain of separation!!!!

My secret pain of separation
which is leading me my soul, to your soul.
My gift is for you my burned heart,
and my tears.
The secret pain of sacred love,
My mind has seized.
Only remains your Holy name


May the grace of GOD calm the heart and soul, may the Grace of GOD flatter the Soul. Mystic grace will follow all true devotees.
Ego has gone away yes. (Calm The ego) mystic grace of GOD. Fragrance in the whole body. Yes my every echo is chanting the Holy OM OM OM OM OM!!!!
OM is source of calm for the ego, there is no more suffering and pain, only great energy in OM which is the purest peace and bliss, OM!!!!


Who I am ???
Who are you???
What is life???
Journey of experience,
Goal of life???
What is the end of life???
Everlasting song,
Surface of life boundless,
God is mystery, even science will never know
Who are you???
We are all are guests of this planet, and all are part of this circle
Life is an illusion that is never rift, don’t drag your mind just go ahead with nothingness

Moon of Love

I want to tell you one truth.
You know how much you mean to me,
If I touch you in my dreams
love passes through my heart.
Let me dissolve in your tears,
So I can touch your pain.
Let me dissolve in your love,
So I can reach your soul.
Your love is the deepest secret in my heart.
You are my dearest, you are always high like a crystal moon.

Sound of Supreme Soul

When we are together
Under the golden sky,

When you are not with me, I can’t take a breath,
This is the a secret love, I am flying without wings in your love,

Wondering, this love is beyond imagination,
The art of love, i have seen your soul beauty.

Your soul is connected to the supreme soul
I have seen light in you, which is leading me and your soul to the supreme soul.

Infinite Light

I am closing my eyes
looking at my heart my connection to your heart,
I am deeply in meditation there is no illusion, only lights of happiness,
My love is for you, and endless song, you are kind and a truthful secret in my heart,
You are perfect, Lord of love.

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KRP The Brain