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According to the Webster Dictionary the definition of science is “knowledge attained through study or practice” or “knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, especially as obtained and tested through Scientific methods [and] concerned with the physical world”

Meaning, as I understand, that “knowledge derived from many broad spectrum sources interpreted as the scientific study of ‘knowing’ the understanding of physical worlds, to be reproducible in a productive method under controlled conditions. Such patterns observed, described and reproduced predicted retractable designs that are testable by experiments as logical, physical and mathematical representations of “hypotheses, theories and laws in discovering and describing how things work (natural science) and how people think and act (social sciences)” came to be stated by Popper, Karl (March 7, 2002) in The logics of Scientific Discovery” 2nd English edition, N.York, NY: Rout ledge Classics ISBN 0-415-27844-9.

With this definition in hand my interpretation of Natraja Picture falls within the scope of a process that underwent learning, practicing, and repeating obtainable factual results within the category of ‘facts’ that got investigation such that it transformed itself into the repetitive act-Kriya-Laya Yoga in ‘Awakening of The Serpent Energy through Tantra’ with similar recognizable archetype configurations of visions, symbols and geometrical patterns coming together and reproducible as results advocated in Patanjali ‘Yoga Sutra’, as Oneness, or unity in diversity act in the two widely apart cultures of Australian-Indian traditions.

The act as seen in Nat raja’s Satchitanand Mandala Picture shared here depicts Satchitanand as Sat-Existence e of Natrjaja as Rudra in the center picture along with his Chiti…energy Shakti..Sri Uma within the confines of Pure Consciousness as One and the same, like Fire and Flames in Creativity.

In looking at similar results notably obtained by prominent interpreters like Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Gita, Sri Shankarcharaya, Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna Paramhans, Sri Gopi Krishna and Sri Aurobindo amongst their tried systems I observed that in my case the methodology ‘Samadhi’ acted as a ‘tool’ in which my applied process generally in Yoga as a goal ‘Samadhi’ became a tool for art in a scientific setting. Where the inevitable achieved was the archetype relationship of human being with his own God. The self-realized archetype as a universal symbol was noted as having no caste, creed or color and as human beings its reproduction lay within the framework of ‘what is here is there’ or vice versa. Meaning the human race came from the same basic genetics (as currently believed from a black woman in Africa) till proven otherwise!!!

Such an approach of KRP where science becomes an art for art sake of the maker (God) not only unfolds the coming in of Satyuga but as Tirumantiram states.” ‘The path of Shiva (Kundalini) is the royal path that renowned souls have walked on. It leads to Hara (Shiva). By this path the devout pervade the universe. That path do seek; enter and persevere”; is the basic theme of the Natraja Picture.
The Natraja Picture itself is a reverence to Nirguna Shivaswaroopam in Satchidanand Mandala. The expanded space transcend ended by ‘I’ became its own Katha Vachika, the story teller as per the lineage of Avadhuta Sampradayek.

Sharing by Gurus Kripa…

Coming back to the esoteric picture it has in its background the Jyoti illumination of Surya namaskar (acknowledgement) to Sri Ganesh (knowledge personified in shaguna rupa). By whose blessings in Yogi Nidra the un-manifested Panch Akshra (not shared here) manifested itself.  The presence of my Istha devta Sri Krishna my guide (void in black color as Kali aspect),  and my worshipping deity Sri Rudra (red flames)in SadaShiva  (This I Am-formless)  by Guru Kripa descended upon me in full form as we experience  them. As AnadiGuru Sri Uma in her golden attire, the highest beauty revealed herself the Gods; they all graciously took their places in the internal temple of which I am a Pujari-priestess. Often swapping places with my Shakti…She in Me as I am in Her. In full awareness her Lila via her vahan, carrier ‘me’ gets witnessed as Self in the unfolding event in this project of KRP. Uncanny as it may sound or seem it remains a fact until proven otherwise.

My gurus in Oneness: Mahamaya Sri Uma, Guru Datttreya, Guru Vashistha and Guru Tripathiji amidst us (with permission am sharing his previous birth 500 years ago as guru of Tulsi Ma –HariHaran. He was acknowledged as such by a great astrologer Sri Shankarcharan Tripathi of Lucknow) our meeting transpired in strange circumstances in 2006-7.

Paying Reverence  to Sat-chit-anand.

Koti Koti pranam with humble obeisance to ParamShakti Sri Tripurasundari, the highest aspect experienced in her living Nature of Shiva, in her subtlest form ’OM’ ,in her subtle state as Kundalini Shakti and as Prana Shakti in All .

Overall view of KRP in making:

Through ‘Her’ grace the KRP in picture post is unfolding itself from its source (a) in the Logo Dristhitha by Swami Mounamurtiji with the blessing by Guru Satyananda as Guruji’s ‘Dream Child’ began birthing into a ‘living reality’ by the efforts of the divine visionary presented in the ‘Secrets of the Kundalini in Panchastavi ‘by scientist turned Kashmiri Yogi Sri Gopi Krishna (b) who sowed the seed for this project in the seventies.

So to speak

In (c) the vastness of void (black color, as sacred secret business) Shiva as Rudra in the Natraja Picture does the Tandav dance with his kinetic energy the beautiful gorgeous Sri Uma as they reveal the symbolic creativity of KRP first in the Cosmos representing the evolution or exhalation in Sristh, then its expansion in the global universe through innate knowledge. Stated symbolically by the ‘open book. Soham’ and through KRP in reverse order of HamSa (ascendency) by her Sadhaks in this project  the involution or inhalation by Nature herself is unfolding the evolutionary stage in each and every participant in her Lila of KRP. Scriptures tell us, before expansion in the highest Samadhi Avashtha Shiva’s state is called Nirguna avastha without form and in Tandav or Lasya Nritya Avastha Shiva in a feminine role as Shakti becomes the Shaguna avastha; Thereby, Tantra address them as ShivShiva.

The Picture book ‘Secret Scientific investigation’

As KRP: making the impossible –possible.
In vastness of void lies the quantum leap full of probabilities as freedom of choices in Golden- Red flames, the color of Bindu within the ocean of eternal blueness Shiva. Meaning herein lies the burnt out ‘Nothingness’ barren like a desert, yet understood as ‘All in All pregnant with eternal possibilities (the blissful seeds); not dead but alive in fermentation and in KRP the scientific approach in a balanced path –Susuhmana predicts a transformation of destructive (Kali), sustenance (Lakshmi), creative (Sara wati) as Spanda, the first heave of Shiva in a natural way for whole humanity to live in Peace in Satyuga.
‘Knowing’ Shiva or Natraja as Aadinath, the cosmic tandav dancer and the whole cosmos is his dance stage is not far from the truth. Rightly said, Shiva is both, the dancer and witness of his own dance.

The symbolic book of Light and sound demonstrates

Sri Vidya –the ‘Akashi’ book of knowledge in her fiery beauty enlightens her universal code of conduct ’Sanatan Dharma’ in Pure Consciousness; simultaneously at the Micro level, at the navel center (Manipura chakra) at the Yagna Kunda (yoni) she annihilates, cuts off or burn out all negativities of her Sadhaks before entering the full circle of Kaal Bhairava and and her consort by the spokes of seven rainbow chakras yellow, smoky white, red, green, blue and indigo ascend into higher tattva.  

The soundless Nada that originates from Shiva is the ‘Gati’ rhythm, beat and movement of his nature (Sri Uma, lasya nritya) as it originates and assimilates in every pulse (heave) of Natraja.  By itself, for itself in itself in total Bliss nevertheless, remains ‘as is’ Sthumb, Existence that is his own Sankalpana or     promise.

Full Circle

In the KRP Logo and the Natraj picture of KRP; both became a full circle as a living proof as its General Secretary : Arun Sinha, who  in his book ‘The Circle Of Joy’ retraces his life journey in the ‘NOW”  leading him to hold the highest reigns of KRP and directing it. Astonished with his change of direction in life from a Fighter Pilot to General Secretary of Kundalini Project, his understanding became his own evolutionary transcendence.

Under the watchful of eye of Swami Satchitanandji the KRP intuitively came to seal its future destiny for betterment of humankind.  In Oneness the logo, the Natraj picture and its driving force Arun Sinha along with KRP committed members, in their own words, their story, as parts of a whole, shall scientifically demonstrate this event as ‘That Thou Art’.

The testimony of such a predestined act lies in The Devi Sakta in the tenth Mandala of Rig-Veda as the position occupied by the Creatix in the Aryan (pure) consciousness is revealed and chanted.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om.

Beena Sharma

KRP The Brain