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Transmigration of the Soul/Re-incarnation

All perceptions and experiences in life are recorded and imbedded in your subtle body /personality, these are known as samskaras /karmas or archetypes and they ARE RECORDED ON the screen of life which is like a film which can be reviewed at any stage. Superimposed on this film are stored past karmas, of past lifes as well as this life.

The film can be reviewed, in reverse paused for telescopic review, and fast forwarded at times of very deep meditation/or near death experience, or the time of passing or body the entire stock or balance of the remaining karmas are reviewed by the inner eye/ your soul and GOD.

According to ancient belief the balance of karmas dictates your future incarnation. This is part of the wheel of life (working towards moksha) and spiritual evolution. The Jiva’s every incarnation, even the animal kingdom, can be seen in the screen. Believe it or not, practice deep Sadhana and the answers to lifes mysteries will be revealed. In that DIMENSION, anything is possible. The cycle of the Jiva’s journey, one life to another life, this cycle will end when the Jiva reacheds MOKSHA/ NIRVANA. Nirvana means the individual soul has merged into the supreme soul, there is no different identity of the Jiva. The Soul never dies, only the physical shell is discarded when finished with. Everything is in our Unconscious mind, and everything is recognisable there.. There are many techniques for developing this past life memory.

Do not rely on second hand knowledge (even this information), but do become your own experiment and research your soul deeply…


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Thank You for sharing this post here.
Reincarnation is the Journey of Soul through ,Cycles of soul with Time, this is the universal truth.

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Very Much true.

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before birth. If there is a transmigration of souls then I am not yet on the bottom rung. My life is a hesitation before birth.

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Thank You very much

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@Nitu Nandan thats interesting, there are many universal truths.. We will try to validate as many as possible during the Kundalini Research Project

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