KRP's Mission Objectives:

  1. To conduct a thorough scientific research on Kundalini Awakening to explore its positive impacts in physiological, bio chemical, bio physical, genetic, psychological and overall consciousness levels on individuals and collective.
  2. To find methodologies to deliver the beneficial outcomes of the research to the mankind.


Research Proposal:

A Brief idea about scientific planning of the project:

  • Physiological sensations and changes during Kundalini Awakening.
  • Detection and analysis of the bio electro-magnetic field generated from heart, neural and tissue cells.
  • Biochemical / biomolecular studies of blood, hormones, receptors and especially nucleic acids (genetic study) in the body during Kundalini Yoga.
  • Quantum Mechanical, Neuro-scientific and Para psychological study of consciousness.
  • Study of Psi energy/ Life field/ Bioplasmic body; The secret of Prana.

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