About the KRP Logo


Logo Visions

Following are my original drawing of the two inner experiences which culminated into the Logo of the Kundalini Research Project.

Vision 1

On 26th August 2011

I was deep into Nidra on this night and was witnessing a light within for a long time. That light then turned into what looked like one of the ancient flying machines or Vimanas mentioned in ancient Indian spiritual scriptures. The Vimana landed on the ground in front of me, and out of that Vimana a luminous Yogi stood. The Luminous form of the Yogi then transmitted the Yantra above into my third eye which had a very powerful effect on me. The Yantra appeared to be getting larger and larger and zooming into me, or I was zooming into it. The feeling was that I was surrendering to the power that was pushing it into my mind. I had no alternative but to surrender to it.

Vision 2

On 5th September 2011

Above is the second vision about the Yantra

Something took my inner gaze on the 5th Morning as I slept in deep Nidra. First I saw that square again (same as the last one that appeared 26th August, 2011) then there were large spirals going upwards that entered into the base of a 3D triangular pyramid which had an eye in it near the top of the triangles apex.

After I saw this I started flying (astrally) in my dream vision, then I was being closely followed by another spirit.

As I looked forward and downwards towards the ground, whilst flying across the landscape I saw what looked like a funny shaped sword on the ground. It actually looked like a snake but it was in the shape of a large sword.

As I passed over it , the sword raised off the ground then turned towards the spirit that was closely following me then went straight at the spirit and speared it half way through.

~ Pranams
Swami Mounamurti Saraswati

Symbolic Meaning Of The Logo

Lets look at the Logo this way...whatever is gifted especially in the astral world is from the highest guru…(Kundalini Goddess) Swami Mounamurti Saraswati saw the square and in it a spiral formation as a symbol for Kundalini along with the sword and the eye. This is the most dominating shape in the Logo and center of attention. The winding square maze which starts as a small black square then unwinds in a curve at the top, ending in a golden circle. This symbol represents Kundalini energy spiraling upward leading to enlightenment. Its’ starting point begins with the central black square, symbolic of the earth and feminine Shakti, moving as a spiral similar to Kundalini from the base of the spine (center of the body) into the head. This spiral formation is an ancient symbol of the Indus~Harrapa seal of Shiva… meaning to say, it represents Om~Shiva~Shakti and the Havan~Yagna ~Kunda. Being in the navel center (manipur chakra) the pranic shakti here burns out all negativity whenever visited by a neophyte in the Turyia or 4th level of consciousness. It is the bottomless pit or void where nothing is impossible. A place that holds all probabilities; here one is a witness to oneself as a subject, object and pure awareness.

The red circle can be considered the next highest stage, similar to the Philosophers stone, it has the properties of healing all sickness and changing the lower metals into gold. On the human level, Kundalini transforms the human body creating a subtle fuel from the sublimation of sexual energy and distilled bioenergy of the cells. This “Soma” is fed to the brain as a purified substance replacing older bodily functions with a higher grade prana. There are also countless medieval mythic stories of serpents protecting golden treasures. Consider the story of the garden of Hesperdies, where Hercules had to destroy the monstrous serpent Landon then return with the Golden apples. These colors, black, white to red and finally gold are common to a great majority of the worlds’ religious legends and mythic narratives.

The final Gold circle represents perennial enlightenment or the turyia state, the crowning achievement of the evolutionary process. Golden in color is the glorious Self and combined by two opposites, symbolic black-white dots representing the Yantra ~ Mandal of the Devi Tantra in Dakshinya Kula....the Right Hand path. In other words, the Logo stands for spiritual armor for the KRP too, fully protected, graced by Maha Kundalini through her permission only, we move ahead… Hari Om Tat Sat...We wait for signals from her as we are her instruments only...playing our parts.

The two swords can have numerous explanations, a first visual reaction is one primarily related to protection. Those on the spiritual path need a concentrated awareness on their own problems and obstacles to progress or else they will be set upon by adverse forces. Whatever form negative forces take, be it karmic or internal identification with wrong vital movements the sword of intense silence will quiet the ego long enough for grace to descend. Having said that, the swords also represent annihilation of ignorance by the Maha Devi Herself by her grace only, otherwise illusion veils the mind. Additionally the two swords symbolize the activities of the Ida and Pingala channels, as they are placed on the right and left of the central spiral or Kundalini.

The logo for the Kundalini Research Project was created to act as a visual symbol which incorporates the many complex aspects of the Kundalini paradigm. It can help in explaining the role of Kundalini and as a mediation aid.

~ Bina Paul and Artist Joseph Alexander

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