About KRP India

The Kundalini Research Project (KRP India) is an Indian Government registered not for profit charitable organisation.which was registered nationally in India.on 16th April 2013.

We needed an organisational base in India to be the nucleus and to unfold our KRP global mission which is the KRP. KRP India will coordinate and manage many things related to the global KRP mission.

The actual experiment of the KRP is being planned to happen in India, as the history of Kundalini in India is so rich. In time we envision that mini KRP experiments will appear in many countries around the globe, and it is our wish that the knowledge gained from our experiment in India will act like a beacon and reshape many future thoughts especially regarding evolution.

The ramifications of the KRP experiment will be huge, and the steps being taken now to implement the master plan are being driven by the actual forces within all seekers of truth. The KRP India, through its quality assurance and management team will roll out the KRP mission with global transparency, and will show the world what is possible when joining such a divine mission. What is in the Future for the KRP India and affiliated global organisations? We will see what the future holds as many people from around the globe and will soon be hearing about this monumental research project and joining hands to embrace the concept, delivery and full implementation of the project.


Swami Mounamurti Saraswati

KRP India: A Not For Profit Charitable Organisation


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